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Asphalt recycling minnesota department of transportation. Recycling the mineral particles that are produced during the process of asphalt pavement helps conserve natural resources. This course will give civil engineers and others an introduction to the equipment and methods for recycling asphalt concrete pavement for airfields, streets and highways. Micromilling the finer side of milling meets pavement preservation micro milling is providing an innovative way for contractors and agencies to rehabilitate asphalt pavements. Asphalt pavement recycling technologies a joint effort between the fhwa recycling team, asphalt recycling and reclamation association arra, and the national center for asphalt technology ncat has produced a noteworthy national highway institute course, asphalt pavement recycling technologies, that provides indepth technical knowledge of. Contractors save by reducing energy, materials, and transportation costs.

Materials from the existing pavement are reused in the construction of a new layer and can result in considerable savings of material, money, and energy. Asphalt is the most commonly recycled material in the united states, according to the national asphalt pavement association. Hotmix asphalt pavement recycling is widely practiced for its economic and environmental benefits. Recycling sustainability pavements federal highway.

Hot inplace recycling of asphalt concrete surfaces hir 1. Pdf asphalt pavement recycling as a subbase layer for. Asphalt recycling and reclaiming meets all of our societal goals of providing safe, efficient roadways, while at the same time drastically reducing both the environmental impact and energy oil consumption compared to conventional pavement reconstruction. These regulations allow and massdep encourages the recyclingreuse of. The pavement is supported by the base and subbase, which consist of aggregate and other materials. Asphalt and asphalt recycling does not harm the environment 19. Asphalt recycling and reclaiming association, asphalt recycling, reclaiming, hot recycling, hot inplace recycling, cold planing, cold inplace recycling, full. Changes of asphalt fumes in hotmix asphalt pavement recycling. Asphalt pavement, brick and concrete abc rubble, such as the rubble generated by the demolition of buildings, bridges or roadways, must be handled in accordance with the massachusetts solid waste regulations. Pavement recycling systems is committed to the belief that sustainable pavement development is the best longterm solution to the pavement portion of our nations infrastructure challenges. Napas popular guide to processing rap reclaimed asphalt pavement at the hotmix asphalt plant has been updated, enhanced, and significantly expanded. Specifications for heater scarification asphalt surface. Rap may be recycled pursuant to existing regulations at n.

The importance of asphalt recycling allied construction. Spray unit this unit shall be immediately behind the scarifying unit and capable of applying the recycling agent to the reclaimed asphalt pavement at the approved rate. Number ec188 october 2014 application of reclaimed asphalt pavement and recycled asphalt shingles in hotmix asphalt. The use of recycled materials in asphalt pavements saves more than 60 million cubic yards of landfill space each year. This course is intended for civil engineers and other design and construction professionals wanting an introduction to asphalt concrete pavement recycling. Our asphalt contractors are ready to answer your questions. The need to reuse or recycle existing pavement materials for the reconstruc tion and rehabilitation of both asphaltic and portland cement concrete pavements. Concrete pavements, recycled mixtures, e to the public through the. Number ec188 october 2014 transportation research board. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using recycled asphalt for your next project. Existing studies are mainly focused on the engineering properties of reclaimed asphalt pavement rap materials, without considering their impacts on the generated asphalt fumesa widely recognized environmental hazard. Pdf repeatability of reclaimed asphalt pavement as.

Asphalt pavement and recycling technologies inc, ca. The dominant road pavement construction material used in the bound layers is. The illinois department of transportations current method of rap hma design provides 100% contribution for the residual asphalt binder from the rap based on solvent extractions. Pdf on jan 1, 2006, aravind krishna swamy and others published bituminous pavement recycling find, read and cite all the research you need on. Information summary asphalt grindings rap recycled asphalt pavement compiled by g.

The ability to determine when asphalt recycling is a viable pavement rehabilitation alternative. Asphalt recycling general 0 100 000 200 000 300 000 400 000 500 000 600 000 hot mix semihot mix cold mix recycled pavement material tonnes method of recycling old asphalt materials can be recycled using cold, warm or hot production methods, and the addition of new binder, asphalt mixture, water or mineral aggregate in the old asphalt can be. Basic asphalt recycling manual ncpp regional workshops presentations online free nhi asphalt pavement inplace recycling techniques wirtgen cold recycling technology free more information. Virginia has been a leader in successfully recycling asphalt pavements for almost 35 years beginning with a 1979 experimental project in the richmond district where 50% recycled asphalt pavement rap was successful incorporated into virginia department of transportation vdot maintenance overlays. Pavement recycling guidelines for local governments fhwa. Description this work shall consist of rehabilitating an asphalt pavement by heating, rejuvenating. Asphalt can be recycled multiple times, ensuring its value. Recycled asphalt pavement saving pavement saving money saving the environment dudley bonte, riethriley becky mcdaniel, north central superpave center indiana ltap asphalt workshop november 12, 2009 1. This report contains the results of a literature search concerning hot inplace asphalt pavement recycling. Cold in place asphalt recycling application checklist. Pavement recycling is an effective practical way to conserve the diminishing supply of construction materials and to help reduce the cost. Apart was formed in april 2001, by steven escobar and robert staugaard. While the state of illinois has been recycling reclaimed asphalt pavement rap material into hotmix asphalt hma since 1980, there continues to be questions regarding the correct approach to design hma with rap. Asphalt the 100% recyclable construction product european.

Asphalt recycling saves american tax payers billions of dollars every year. Bituminous pavement recycling methods can be divided into the following three categories. Reclaimed asphalt pavement rap used in pavement preservation applications. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of old asphalt pavements produces a significant amount of asphalt pavements. A recycling agent is used to soften and rejuvenate the existing asphalt pavement. Using hot inplace recycling for rehabilitation of asphalt. Many types of distresses can be corrected by one of the three pavement recycling. Environmental protection agency and the federal highway administration, about 90 million tons of asphalt pavement is reclaimed each year, and over 80 percent. This revised publication explains the howto of rap. Recycling sustainability federal highway administration.

Information summary asphalt grindings rap recycled. Former employees of witcogolden bear division and later golden bear oil specialties, we have over 50 years combined experience in the testing, evaluation, and marketing of asphalt mixtures, asphalt binders, and related. Environmental protection agency and the federal highway administration, confirms that about 90. By recycling asphalt, were able to reduce our environmental impact and cut costs for our customers. In the recycling process the material from deteriorated pavement, known as reclaimed asphalt pavement rap, is partially or fully reused in fresh construction. The performance and life of pavement containing up to 30 percent rap is similar to virgin pavements with no rap. Pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction generates large quantities of reclaimed asphalt pavement rap aggregate, and recycling into new asphalt paving mixtures is the predominant application. Micromilling uses a milling drum with more teeth and a tighter lacing pattern to create a smoother surface than the traditional milling process. An understanding of the various methods and technology hot and cold of recycling asphalt pavements. Over recycling of asphalt pavements involves mixing of existing pavement material with stabilizing agent such as foamed bitumen, bitumen emulsion, cement or lime and placed on the milled pavement. Current practice of cold inplace recycling of asphalt. Unlike any other recycling process, flame doesnt touch the aggregate inside any bagela asphalt recycler the patented heating process is entirely convection, with virtually no petroleum burnoff like other asphalt recycler designs.

In the past, gravel road surfaces, cobblestone and granite setts were extensively used, but these surfaces have mostly been replaced by asphalt or concrete laid on a compacted base course. The knowledge of how to select the most appropriate asphalt recycling method. The report discusses three types of asphalt pavement recycling. Asphalt pavement recycling with reclaimed asphalt pavement.

Special specification 3178 hot inplace recycling of. After the introduction in the asphalt pavement recycling is presented a guide for selection of recycling method and the applicability for the use of different recycling techniques. Keller 61220 what is rap the definition most commonly used for asphalt millings or grindings is the fine particles generally from dust to less than an inch or so of bitumen and inorganic material that are produced by the mechanical grinding of bituminous. Pavement is the top layer of roadway, and is made of portland cement concrete pcc or ac. State of the practice stateofthepractice information on including higher amounts of rap in asphalt mixtures. Reports from the national asphalt pavement association reveal that asphalt pavements are among the countrys most recycled products. Pavement rap, selection of type and amount of recycling agent, determination of the need for additional aggregates andor asphalt binder andor virgin hot mix asphalt hma, preparation and testing of paving mixtures, and selection of optimum combination of new aggregates, asphalt binder, and recycling agent or virgin hma. A road surface or pavement is the durable surface material laid down on an area intended to sustain vehicular or foot traffic, such as a road or walkway. The traditional method of recycling hma pavement in washington state is to grind the top layer of the existing pavement, truck it back to the asphalt plant, stockpile it, and then incorporate it back into new hma. Micromilling the finer side of milling meets pavement. Recycling is the process in which the existing asphalt pavement is heated, softened and then milled.

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